Monday, June 20, 2011

2 months, listed.

So, it's been, what? Two months since I last blogged? I am sooo on top of my shit.

In the last two months I have done the following, in no particular order:

  1. Run a 5K, and won my category.

  2. Raced a MTB race, and came in DFL in the pro women.

  3. Ordered a new cyclocross bike (thanks, Dad!). It should be here this week. In exchange I had to tell Cody that he could get a dirt bike. Okay, he probably would have done it without me being "ok" with it, but I gave him my blessing. And told him he has to motopace me. It'll be a dualsport - street legal, you know.

  4. Ridden my XC bike on the DH trails at Highlands MTB park in New Hampshire (it was hella sick).

  5. De-gooked a blocked composting toilet - it's actually much, much, much worse than it sounds.

  6. Missed the Nevada City Classic. I didn't really do anything but sit around and feel sad about not being there with all my friends and family and racing buddies. It sucked.

  7. Done lots and lots of MTBing, and learned to drop some little 2 footers, plus I've been rocking all the stuff around here that used to scare me enough to hike it.

  8. Trained, actually. And my fitness is actually coming along surprisingly well.

  9. Looked into plane tickets to Vegas in September for a little cyclocross race they have out there. Followed by a party that I rarely enjoy but always look forward to, for some reason.

  10. Been hired as personal trainer to a number of new clients.

  11. Watched a lot of hockey, for some reason (go Bruins!). <<<< Bandwagon-jumping.

  12. Picked about 1000 ticks off of poor Riley.

  13. Picked 0 ticks off of Big Kitty and Little Bit, as they still refuse to go outside. I think they're afraid of the chickens.

  14. Almost broke my leg playing Capture the Flag. I had the flag (in this case a ski pole, for maximum unsafety) and I was running through a rutted field. My foot went in a rut and I landed with my shin on a big rock. Currently my left lower leg is like, twice as big as my right, and blue. Fan-tastic.

  15. Put together a rousing Keg Hunt for a bunch of drunk people. Like a treasure hunt, but in this case the treasure was a keg of Bud. Uhh, right. That was the same day, but before Capture the Flag. To be clear, I was perfectly sober at the time of the leg-wrecking. In fact, I was perfectly sober all night long. Being a bike racer (even one who doen't race) is so exciting.

  16. Been awoken at obscene hours of the morning by the goddamn Guinea Hen. Have you ever heard a Guinea Hen? Ours is flipping retarded, and makes horrible, horrible noises all the time. But they eat ticks. Lately I think they've been distracted because the girl Guinea is sitting on eggs and the male thinks that if he makes stupid noises all the time that we'll go after him and leave the girl in peace. We don't harrass the girl Guinea, we just sometimes go within like, 20 feet of her and he flips out. Anyway, they've been slacking on the tick eating lately. I'll be speaking to their supervisor, you can count on it.
I'm not sure what to make of the fact that my longest bullet point was about Guinea Hens. I'm inclined to think that it's kind of awesome, actually.

This weekend we're headed back up to Highlands to watch the Claymore Slopestyle Contest - it's going to be sick. Hella, wicked, sick. Then we'll come back to Gloucester and watch some Greasy-Pole action. You know you want to click on the link . . .