Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Most awesomest person.

My most favoritest person in the whole world and my dearest friend is also an amazing writer, and she just had a story published! Love it.


She also has a blog that makes me feel dumb.


Where does the time go . . . ?

And what the hell happened to my cyclocross season? I guess I grossly underestimated the tole that moving 3000 miles and trying to build a life takes, at least on myself. Trying to find a new level of normal ends up precluding the kind of focus required for racing and training, again, at least for me it did. Perhaps heartier types than myself can do both, but as October wound down I found myself without the energy (and the funding) to get out and race. Much to my dismay as you can imagine, given my enthusiasm for New England cyclocross prior to the move. But ultimately being balanced is more important than bike racing.

That said, I think I'm starting to find a new balance. I'm working (yay income!), and I'm starting to get adjusted to getting up at 4:30 AM 3 days a week. The upside of my rather extreme early morning work schedule (I start at 5:30) is that I'm done at two, and have time to ride before it gets dark at the disheartening hour of 4:30 PM. After spending 2-4 weeks not really riding much, a few rides here and there, and a bunch of running, I'm happy to feel ready to get back at it, even if that comes a little too late to recapture my cyclocross season, which I'm OK with.

I've started planning 2011 and looking at the NEBRA schedule (that's New England Bicycle Racing Association, yo). Maybe it's a dire warning as to the length and severity of the winters around here, but there aren't any road races until the end of April! Lots of crits, and a couple of wimpy little circuit races that are billed as road races, but nothing to get excited about. Okay, for real, this year I'll become a good crit racer. Gotta, 'cause I don't have a team to help make it happen. I've gotta admit, I really miss the NCNCA. Sigh . . . that's OK, too.

(Dude, what's up with the crazies in the coffee shop this morning? Between Pony-Tail wandering around smiling benevolently at everyone and Talking-To-Himself over there it's difficult to focus. Oh good, they just both left. It's a crazy exodus.)

In other, slightly more pleasant news, Cody's an uncle! He's a pretty cute little thing, at least at this age, when he can't walk or form opinions. I still like my dog more, though. But don't tell my mom. Haha! Okay, the subject matter seems to be deteriorating, so I'm going to go finish my business downtown and go for a ride!